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The Children, Women and Justice Series - Keynotes and Seminars

Abused Children / Abusive Government - Our Challenge keynotes (30 - 90 minutes)

“The child abuse crisis has overwhelmed our nation. Almost every state reports unprecedented increases in violence against children. Incredibly, instead of responding with careful and comprehensive programs to prevent abuse, government has played the role of ostrich -- furiously flapping its wings while going almost nowhere or burying its head in the sand.

“Can we afford the unprecedented services essential to prevent violence against children? Can we afford the criminal justice system essential to prevent, protect, and punish? If we cannot, we will live in a society where, in theory, we breathe free but where, in reality, we are consumed by fear and fatal violence.”

Judge Charles B. Schudson
Address to the Attorney General's Summit On Violent Crime
Washington, D.C.
March 4, 1992

In this keynote, Judge Schudson discusses the decline of progressive government, the social, economic, and racial factors contributing to that decline, the resulting harm to children and public safety, and the potential for reform.

“Judge Schudson's presentation to our university's Honors Convocation was perhaps the finest statement that I have heard on the fundamental role that the United States Constitution must play in our society.”

Walter F. Peterson, Chancellor
University of Dubuque

A Child's "Thank you" / the Modern History of Child Advocacy in
– keynotes (30 - 90 minutes)

The keynote that brought over one thousand child advocates to a standing ovation at the Twentieth National Symposium on Child Sexual Abuse in 2004, "A Child's 'Thank you'" praises, supports, and inspires as it teaches child advocates, young and old, about their own extraordinary contributions to America's children.

“As you know, we 'save' you for the last [seminar of the University of Alabama Advanced Training in the Multidisciplinary Approach to Child Sexual Abuse Intervention] course so we can end the training in a very positive way. The course evaluations reflect the way in which you inform, and inspire the participants. As one said: 'He makes us feel we really can make a difference.

Ethel Amacher, Conference Coordinator
The National Children's Advocacy Center

The History of Women and Children in America's Legal System  – keynotes (30 - 90 minutes)

Appropriate for both lay and legal audiences, this keynote offers a fascinating and provocative introduction to the history of women and children in America's legal system. 

“I just wanted you to know that your presentation [at the Arizona/Southwest Judicial Conference] went over extremely well. Numerous judges came up to me afterwards to praise the session and request additional time with you at another conference.”

Hon. Ronald S. Reinstein
Maricopa County (Arizona) Superior Court Presiding Judge

Making Courts Safe for Children keynotes (30 - 90 minutes) and seminars (one - two days)

Judge Schudson discusses the laws and techniques that can enable children to testify without trauma, and can allow police officers, social workers, therapists, doctors, nurses and others to testify about their interviews and treatment of children.

Judge Schudson will consider American legal history and current practices in his discussion of topics including the most recent case law on child competency and credibility, hearsay, videotape and closed-circuit television testimony, and the use puppets, dolls, support persons, and modified language and courtroom settings.

Judge Schudson also explores the potential for providing multidisciplinary education to help judges and other professionals provide fairness to children in America's courts.

“Thank you for speaking at the annual meeting of the Oregon Circuit Judges Association. From talking to the judges and looking at the evaluations, the program was very successful. In fact, many judges of both long and short tenure felt it was the best program ever presented to the Association.”

Hon. Richard L. Barron
Oregon Circuit Court Judge

On Trial: America's Courts and Their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children – seminars (one day - one semester)

Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students, this seminar corresponds to Judge Schudson's book, On Trial: America's Courts and Their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children.

La Reciente Evolución en el Tratamiento de Niños y Pedófilos en el Sistema de Derecho de los Estados Unidos – lecture in Spanish (one hour)

[The Recent History of the Treatment of Children and Pedophiles in the United States Legal System]

In this lecture, in Spanish, Judge Schudson presents a fascinating view of the unprecedented recent developments in the United States legal system's treatment of both children and the pedophiles who abuse them. 


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