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Modern Parenting / Compassionate Children

Charlie Schudson -- camp counselor and YMCA camp director, children's court judge, father, grandfather .

Karen Schudson -- camp counselor, middle school guidance counselor, marriage and family therapist, mother, grandmother .

They know something about parenting. And in the midst of their forty year marriage and demanding professions, they raised two successful, compassionate children. 

Charlie and Karen know enough to never presume to know how others should raise their children. But in these informative and entertaining keynotes and seminars, Charlie and Karen share their experiences, offer some critical, time-tested tips, and help other parents find their own ways to raise successful and compassionate children.

"Your presentation was empowering, informative and inspirational. Your compassion, warmth, and sense of humor left a lasting impression.

Jo Ann Beasley, Conference Coordinator
Albany County (New York) Rape Crisis Center

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