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The Politics and Presidents Series:

Tippecanoe and Who? An Affectionate View of American Presidential Campaign History - keynotes (30 to 90 minutes) and seminars (one day to one week)

With the aid of their collections of original political cartoons and campaign items dating to 1824, Judge Schudson, Honorary Curator of American History at the Milwaukee County Museum, and Steve Bruemmer, Chair of the History Department at University School of Milwaukee, lead an entertaining trek on America’s presidential campaign trail.

How was the campaign button born?

What candidate, when informed of his nomination, responded, “Shut up and drink your whiskey!”?

What campaign gave us the expression, “Keep the ball rolling”?

What did Nathaniel Hawthorne have to do with a presidential campaign?

Is campaign “image-making” as American as apple pie?

What’s a Teddy-bear doing in a presidential campaign?

What advice did Grover Cleveland offer Bill Clinton on how to handle sex scandals?

“Dewey Defeats Truman” …. and that’s not all; ever hear of President Charles Evans Hughes or President Morris Udall?

And what about “majority rules” -- 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000?

Buttons and banners, canes and kazoos, speeches and scandals – the great American presidential campaign circus comes to town!

Pestering the Presidents / Political Cartooning - Past, Present, and Persistent - keynotes (30 to 90 minutes) and seminars (one day to one week)

Steve Bruemmer, one of America's leading collectors of political cartoons lampooning the presidential candidates, joins Judge Schudson to offer a historically fascinating, visually exquisite tour of America's presidential candidates through the eyes of Nast, Berryman, Oliphant and others. History class was never this much fun!

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